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Zero Interior

Zero Interior, a family-owned Swedish company founded in 1978, is committed to the highest quality of craftsmanship, engineering and sustainability. Calling upon a roster of serious design talent, Zero Interior offers aesthetically superior lighting with a carbon-friendly footprint–nearly 80% of its subcontractors are near the company’s headquarters in Nybro.

About Zero Interior

Swedish lighting manufacturer Zero Interior bills itself as a company producing lighting for the contract market. CEO Per Gill describes their products as “architectural-decorative with a twist.” The company was founded in 1978 by Per’s father, Roland Gill, and Andris Nolendorfs, who tapped Börge Lindau as their first designer. Once they had both retired, Per and his brother Thomas took the reins of the company in 1997. By 2007, the duo had shifted their focus toward manufacturing more contemporary designs with a list of high-profile Swedish designers.

The Zero Interior factory is a picturesque brick building in the southeast of Sweden, part of which is now a design university and an archive for Swedish design and art. As entities in Sweden digitize drawings and sketches of glass, furniture and the decorative arts, the archives are brought to another section of their complex and stored. There’s a sense of pride in the country’s design history for the owners, who see it as a natural outgrowth of their philosophy to be so immersed in the country’s design origins. Another source of pride is that they take extra care to source 80% of their materials in close proximity to their plant. This is possible because they are located in a part of Sweden where many things are manufactured—almost all of the manufacturers in Sweden are located in this area of the country filled with highly skilled labor and the strongest hubs for transportation.

“All of the products that are made and assembled in our plant carry some important keywords,” says Per: “innovation, quality, attraction and durability.” The manufacturer’s level of dedication and commitment, and the fact that these words are touchstones for Zero Interior, are the things that attracted Global Lighting CEO Larry Lazin to the brand, and he is excited to now be offering their products in North America. Zero Interior's products fit well in our ECCO Collection, which is curated for architects.