The Turner 65 Pendant

The Turner Pendant is a cocoon-like pendant that is made in Italy. The composite material that makes up its moody shape is sprayed onto a steel frame during a three-step process. First, a fiber web is created around the metal frame, then a coating that its designers Mats Broberg and Johan Ridderstråle call cocoon plastic is sprayed on. Finally, a protective top-coat seals the surface for extra durablility. The combination of these materials creates a soft glow as illumination wafts through the shade, which feels moon-like. Pholc, the manufacturer of the cream-colored pendant, went to great lengths to engineer a frame that would ensure no unwanted shadows interfered with the pendant’s ethereal feel.  Request a Quote

Turner 65 Pendant
Turner 65 Pendant Tech Drawing
Product Name
Turner 65 Pendant
Cord Length
6 Feet
Light Source

E26 A19

1 x 8 Watt
cUL Certified

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  • Turner White


Mats Broberg and Johan Ridderstråle dub themselves creative collaborators within a practice that mixes architecture and design. The Stockholm, Sweden-based duo strives to infuse their designs with an emotional value communicated through the recognition of symbols and meanings. “We often draw inspiration from everyday life,” they say to explain of their point of view; “and try to combine a rational approach with a bit of wit, and the clash between past and present.” Educated at the Konsfstack University College of Arts Craft and Design, they completed their education in the subjects of interior design and furniture design. Given the lauded school’s history for turning out top design talent, it’s no wonder leading international companies world include them in their noted talent pool, such as Global Lighting’s collaborator Zero Interior.

Further proving they have the chops to be in the design stratosphere are the awards they’ve received, including an Elle Decoration Swedish Design Award for Designer of the Year in 2014 and the Elle Decoration DesignPris in 2013. Good Design Awards, Wallpaper Design Awards and DesignPlus Awards are also theirs to keep. Even a passing look at their home page shows they are as comfortable designing furnishings with a down-home appeal as they are the sleekest-of-the-sleek modern pieces. Their Par pendant for Zero Interior is an example of their attention to detail, par excellence!