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Peter Natedal & Thomas Kalvatn Egset

Peter Natedal & Thomas Kalvatn Egset


The design duo Peter Natedal & Thomas Kalvatn Egset envisioned the charismatic Diva pendant and floor lamp for Northern, which Global Lighting has included in its Ethos Collection. Natedal hails from Porsgrunn, Norway, born into a family with a deep tradition in furniture retailing. He graduated with a Masters in furniture design from Oslo National Academy of Arts in 2008, and moved back to his hometown where he currently resides. His career is awash in design activities that include creating light and furniture designs for a variety of manufacturers, implementing 3D modeling for clients, directing hotel interior projects, and working in his family’s furniture shop.

Thomas Kalvatn Egset’s family also has deep roots in furniture making. From the west coast of Norway, he graduated with a Masters in furniture design from Oslo National Academy of Arts, as well, just a year after Natedal culminated his degree. He now lives and works in Oslo as an independent furniture designer, his main inspiration his grandfather, who worked as a furniture craftsman. With the Diva, these two young designers intended to pay their respect to the proud Norwegian heritage of wood lamination craftsmanship the grew up internalizing, while also challenging how the material can be used.

They experimented with different curving patterns to create the softly strong, somewhat feminine character that emerged as they worked—the hallmark of industrial designers who are passionate about what they do and singularly focused on creating the most remarkable products they can. Judging from the sheer volume of images that have been pinned to Pinterest and used in Polyvore compositions, these young designers have a stellar future in lighting design ahead of them, and we at Global Lighting are thrilled to be the exclusive distributor of this Northern fixture in the North American marketplace.

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