Morten Skjærpe Knarrum and Jonas Norheim met while studying at Bergen Academy of Art and Design, earning their masters degrees concurrently during their five-year stints at the renowned school. Both specialized in furniture and spatial design, specialties they have used since graduating in 2011 to create cutting-edge products, furniture and interior architecture that exhibits curiosity, imagination and humor in equal measure with high style. The Bake Me a Cake fixture, which we’ve featured on Global Trends, is one example of the humorous aspects of their drive, though a heartfelt one, as it gives members of a challenged segment of society a way to keep their hands busy.

They may describe themselves as “two guys working together as a design team within the fields of furniture design and interior architecture,” but they are anything but average. One look at the Say My Name pendant and table lamp proves our point—the mouth-blown glass creations forming a perfect melding of traditional glassblowing techniques and modern style, a feat that isn’t easy to achieve. Their official agency name, Morten & Jonas, has been generating quite a lot of buzz in the design world of late, the volume being amplified as they begin snagging international design awards. Global Lighting is excited to be introducing their Say My Name table lamp and pendant to the North American marketplace and we can’t wait to see what comes flowing from their brilliant minds next!