Estela + Nereo Associates describes itself as a young design studio based in Barcelona, but its founders are obviously talking about their point of view rather than the amount of time they’ve been in business given the large number of products that make up their portfolio. Established by Ferran Estela and Nereo Delgado, the duo does bring a youthful vibe and a love of technology to the task of designing within the dynamic open studio environment they have created. Ferran Estela was born in Barcelona, where he attended and graduated from Elisava School of Design and Engineering with a degree in industrial design. Afterwards, broadening his understanding of Italian design was a turning point for the “Renaissance man,” who earned his master’s degree from the Domus Academy in Milan. In 1992, he began creating products for a steady stream of leading companies that include Santa & Cole, Metalarte and Perobell. He is intent on exploring the artistic, cultural and emotional aspects of design, and to boil them down into a determinant freshness.

Nereo Delgado was born in Argentina but he grew up in Uruguay, the USA, Germany and Spain. Experiencing such a mix of cultures gave him a global point of view from the get-go, his knowledge as to how objects are used in different countries informing his vision for a better world. He began his “Gestaltung und Design” (Design and Style) studies in Germany, but by the time he completed all of the steps in his education, he had made his way to Barcelona and studied at the Escola Superior de Disseny (EsDi). He has turned his passion for design into teaching university courses in Spain, passing along his love of creativity to his students. He also worked in several architect studios before founding Estela + Nereo in 2006 with Ferran Estela. The pair of designers declare, “We want to communicate culture, wellness, wisdom, tradition and technology, and we like to do it through beautiful and functional objects.” We at Global Lighting bring their Big Mama floor lamp, designed for Northern, to the North American marketplace. It inspires us to say we rest our case that they have achieved their aim!