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Front Design

Front Design is known for communicating stories to observers about the design process, materials explored or conventions in the design field: man, are we listening!


The Front Lines

The Ruban Plié by Jacco Maris weaves its light source into ribboning tendrils of steel, a veritable work of art in metal that puts up an excellent front!

Global Trends

Sun King

The Helios pendant by Manel Ybargüengoitia in our B.lux Collection is made of eighteen blades in textured matte white or matte gray aluminum: consider this fixture a crusader of sharp style.


Dome Run

Karman’s NotreDame brings to mind the cathedral-esque dome, flying buttresses and lofty spires; it infinitely deserves the heavenly reference.


Curb Service

Werner Aisslinger’s inspiration for the Cone pendant was craft-paper bags used to ferry take-out food during the good old days of curb service!

Global Lighting Live