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Tom Rossau

Tom Rossau opened his first store in Copenhagen in 1997, selling his leather clothing designs inspired by his years as a motorcycle enthusiast. Needing lighting and furniture for the boutique, he created it himself and found he enjoyed the process of designing lighting so much it would become his main focus within a decade. It was 2006 when he made this a reality, exhibiting light fixtures at a major European tradeshow and landing global distributors. His artisanal point of view makes his lights unique, and the unparalleled quality—in line with a Danish love of the handmade—is a by-product of a small but passionate team thriving in the heart of Copenhagen.

About Tom Rossau

Any designer who lives and dies by the motto “Dare to be Naïve” is a force to be reckoned with. This is doubly true of Danish designer Tom Rossau, whose lighting fixtures Global Lighting is proud to distribute exclusively in North America. In Rossau’s opinion, it takes great strength to be able to be naïve, and naivety should not be interpreted as stupidity or obstinate stubbornness but as the ability to believe in something beyond conforming to other people’s views. Taking this idea to its furthermost conclusion, he says it’s critical to refuse to give up on an idea until it is completely decrypted. “The will to create something real, formed from an idea that has evolved and molded into his final view” is the point at which he knows he’s been successful. His value of pure exploration is not a surprise given he came to the discipline of lighting design organically. The self-described naïve little boy trapped within a 44-year-old body hopes the playfulness of his designs come through.