We have made it our crusade to ensure that no designer or architect has to table sophistication when it comes to specifying lighting for his or her projects, combing some of the smartest manufacturers in Europe to bring exceptional table lamps to the North American marketplace. Though the style notes within our offerings vary widely, the engineered excellence and handmade superiority of each product strikes the same uncompromising chord of quality. Welcome to our corner of the lighting world, where you can be assured you’ll find design delight, delivered.

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There’s the playfully colorful PXL table lamp by Zero, and the seriously serene demeanor of the Secto 4220 and Owalo 7020 table lamps. Or, if you prefer clean-lined chic profiles, we have the Regina, San Marco and SOR table lamps by B.lux. You say your taste turns toward classic? Amongst our B.lux offerings are the Hil and Jackie table lamps that we at Global Lighting imagine will appeal. But perhaps the Spanish manufacturer’s pièce de résistance is the oh-so-luminous Tree table lamp, a popular fixture if luxury is a must in the interiors you’re creating. Regardless of which way your design-prowess leans, we source our pendants from manufacturers in Europe with an eye to sophistication and superiority. When we do so, there is only one question on our minds: how can we help to satisfy your lighting needs? The fixtures we bring to North America have been included in the interiors of some of the world’s most respected brands, including Disney Cruise Line, Apple, Google, Mandarin Oriental, CNN, Gucci and Four Seasons. Global Lighting was recently honored by being the only lighting distributor in the world to be included in the Rolls Royce Owners’ Club Yearbook, "A Legacy of Driving Excellence," published for the North American owners of new and vintage Rolls Royce and Bentley automobiles. It is a sumptuous coffee table book published by St. James’s House out of London honoring the organization’s 110th anniversary. No other industry understands quality like the luxury car market, and we believe inclusion signifies that our concentration on quality and service has placed us in excellent company.