Notable Works

Sourcing local takes on a grander connotation when the locales span the globe. The fixtures we make viable in the US and Canada hail from disparate backdrops—from remote villages in Afghanistan to modern engineering in Sweden.

Ludlow House, NYC

Interior Design: Santiago Peraza | Photography: Courtesy of Ludlow House

CNN, Atlanta

Architect: HLGstudio | Photography: Brian Gassel

Four Seasons, Papagayo

Interior Design: Meyer Davis | Photography: Courtesy of Four Seasons

Private Residence, Montauk

Architect: Arcologica | Interior Design: Ghislaine Viñas | Photography: Garrett Rowland

One Hudson Yards, NYC

Architect: Andre Kikoski | Photography: Courtesy of Related

Primrose, Washington DC

Interior Design: Edit Lab | Photography: Courtesy of Primrose

Bash Paris, Nolita

Photography: Courtesy of Bash Paris

Hotel Bella Grace, Charleston

Interior Design: Deborah Golding | Photography: Courtesy of Hotel Bella Grace

Informatica, Redwood City

Architect: Revel Architecture & Design | Photography: Cesar Rubio

WeWork, Dumbo

Photography: Courtesy of WeWork