Umbrella Pendant

The Umbrella Pendant

It will never rain on your design parade with the Umbrella pendant, designed by Monica Förster, amongst your lighting choices. Available in pure white, graphite black and opal green painted acrylic with a matte acrylic diffuser, the top can be ordered fully painted or partially painted, the latter for 30% uplight. The Umbrella is included in our ECCO Collection of Performance-Driven Office + Retail Lighting. ECCO, an acronym for [E]nergy-efficient, [C]ompliant for [C]ommercial [O]rnamentation, is a collection of light fixtures built to enhance the architectural attributes of commercial, office or retail settings.

Umbrella Pendant
Umbrella Pendant Tech Drawing
Product Name
Umbrella Pendant
Zero Interior 
Cord Length
6 Feet
Light Source

2G11 Twin Tube 4-Pin

4 x 36 Watt
cUL Certified

Download product specification sheet for a full list of available size and lamping options

  • Zero Umbrella Pendant Black Zero Interior Umbrella Black
  • Zero Umbrella Pendant Green Zero Interior Umbrella Green
  • Zero Umbrella Pendant White Zero Interior Umbrella White


Monica Förster Design Studio is the visionary playground of the designer of the same name. Based in Stockholm, she grew up near the Arctic Circle in the Northland, which infuses her work with a strong sense of purity of form mixed with an unbounded curiosity for cutting-edge materials and technology. Intermingling the disciplines of industrial, furniture and product design, she counts a storied list of companies as clients—Volvo, Tecno, Alessi, Cappellini, Poltrona Frau, Bernhardt and Whirlpool.

Swedish manufacturer Zero Interior Lighting, whose products Global Lighting distributes in North America, is also one of Förster’s collaborators. Her Umbrella pendant is one of the standouts in the ECCO Collection we sell in the U.S. and Canada. Förster has received a number of international awards, such as the "Designer of the Year,” and has exhibited in some of the worlds most lauded design institutions, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

The trendsetter’s work has been featured in Domus magazine; Dwell magazine; Vanity Fair, Italy; Architectural Digest, Germany; Wallpaper magazine; Architectural Digest, Spain; Elle Interior, Sweden; Elle Decoration, UK; and The New York Times. Her monograph, Lateral Thinking, published in 2013, contains more than 15 years of innovative design. That's considerable creative energy between two covers!



Monica Forster’s Umbrella Pendant floats above a table, casting a warm, generous oasis of light for those seated for study or dining. Light and slightly humorous, it evokes the security of an umbrella protecting us from the elements, acting as a metaphor for bringing the outside in. I love the green for that reason. In black, it has a more severe modernist feeling, which is more dramatic, stronger. In white, I imagine the feeling of a cloud “raining” light and warmth. It accomplishes much, having a lean footprint visually in a space. Beautifully designed.