Curve Short Table

The Curve Short Table

The Curve Short table lamp by Zero Lighting was created by the visionaries at Front Design to illuminate the newly-reopened National museum’s library in Stockholm. It is their version of the classic green clerk’s lamp that were so popular during the industrial age, but with a mushroom-like playfulness to its character. The shade is available in either glass or metal, in three sizes — the number following the name indicative of the diameter of the shade in millimeters. Color options include green, white, ivory and blue. We also offer the Curve as floor lamps and pendants.Request a Quote

Curve Short Table
Curve Short Table Tech Drawing
Product Name
Curve Short Table
Zero Interior 
Glass or Metal
Cord Length
6 Feet
Light Source

Circuit Board

3 x 4 Watt


x Watt
cUL Certified

Download product specification sheet for a full list of available size and lamping options

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  • Curve Green Glass
  • Curve White Glass
  • Curve Green Metal
  • Curve White Metal
  • Curve Blue Metal
  • Curve Ivory Metal


Anyone who has been immersed in the upper echelons of the design world has been hearing the buzz about Sweden’s avant-garde Front Design for a while now. Sofia Lagerkvist, Charlotte von der Lancken and Anna Lindgren are the members of the talented trio racking up awards as fast as they can complete new designs. Their portfolio is chock-full of accolades—Red Dot awards, Elle Decoration International Design Awards (EDIDA), Wallpaper Design Awards, “Best of the Best” awards, A&W awards, and a “Design of the Year” award from the Design Museum of London. Their designer statement says their works are based upon common discussions, explorations and experiments that they undertake as they begin the process of creation.

It is the story of this process itself that they hope their objects will communicate—the materials used and the conventions within the design field, for instance. But they also reach into more mystical realms, creating objects from witnessed explosions; designing products that serve as an homage to animals, computers and machines; envisioning robotic furniture; and dreaming up objects inspired by their fascination with magic. Global Lighting distributes the Camouflage, the Grid and the Fog pendants—all Front Design fixtures produced by the Swedish manufacturer Zero Interior Lighting—to trendsetting designers in North America.