Trond Svendgård is a highly awarded gourmet chef, born in Rognan, Norway, so what in the world is he doing designing a lighting fixture? Why flexing his creative muscle, of course! “As a chef you have to think about curves, forms, details, colors, tastes, consistencies and contrasts in each creation. To use this ‘forced’ creativity and artificial finesse in other areas than cooking is a great satisfaction to me!”

He certainly let his imagination roam free when he created the Moo wall light with his design partner Ove Rogne, the CEO and head of design at Northern. The latter, born far up north in the town of Narvik, Norway, has brought the company to a commendable place in the industry—their fixtures recently selected at 100% Norway as one of the finest examples of new Norwegian design.

During an interview with Archilproducts, Rogne was asked, “Recently you have worked with fresh talents like Morten & Jonas and Jens Praet & Vibeke Skar. What do you think is the key to your young company's notoriety and what value have these new designers added?” He responded, “I think the ones mentioned here are simply good designers, which is why we love the ideas, concepts and products they present.” He also notes that he enjoys working with younger, talented designers because, “We enjoy making them prosper and enabling them to present their works to a larger audience, while we develop our portfolio to succeed in reflecting new ideas.”

Given he is a designer himself, Rogne understands the creative path, stating that he believes the road to a brighter future for a small Nordic design company like Northern lies in challenging the established rules of the game. How does he see succeeding at this challenge? “By doing everything the large companies cannot do. For example by being open-minded towards all sorts of good designers and ideas regardless of how established they are.” We at Global Lighting are thrilled to have such an innovative thinker among our design talent, and to have a Trond Svendgård & Ove Rogne product to offer to North America. All we have to say is no wonder Rogne describes his company’s point of view as Mood Makers!