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Samuel Wilkinson

Samuel Wilkinson

London, England


When a designer has names like British Airways, Audi, LG, Samsung and Virgin Airways on his resume, he is obviously working at the top of his game. UK-based industrial designer Samuel Wilkinson is one of these fortunate professionals. He graduated from Ravensboure College of Art & Design in 2002 with a bevy of awards under his belt for furniture and product design so it’s no surprise his early career was spent working for a number of giants in design, including Conran and Fitch:London. He set up his own industrial studio in 2007, and by the following year he had completed his grandest project to that point—L’arbre de Flonville in Lausanne, Switzerland—the end result, on which he was the co-designer, bringing an old industrial area new life. More recently, he collaborated with Hulger to design the Plumen 001 light bulb, which won the grand prize from the London Design Museum—the 2011 Design of the Year” award—and the highly coveted “Black Pencil” from the D&AD. His hand-blown glass lamps “Vessel Series” for Decode London have also won international acclaim. These are broad strokes for a designer—public spaces to consumer products—and Wilkinson moves around nimbly between the two disparate scales. His new Thirty fixture for Zero has been creating a great deal of buzz in the international media, and we at Global Lighting are thrilled to bring Wilkinson’s work to the North American marketplace.

Products by Samuel Wilkinson