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Zagreb, Croatia


Agile is a word the designers and founders of Grupa Studio use to describe their process. Tihana Taraba, Ivana Pavić and Filip Despot came together in 2006 with the goal of becoming a renowned boutique design brand that is distinguished by innovative and versatile products, minimalism, functionality and flexibility. Having accomplished this, the trio, based in Croatia’s capital and largest city of Zagreb, stepped boldly into the manufacturing of high-end lighting in 2012 when they founded Grupa Products. They made the move because they were not content to limit their influence to designing alone.

The success of the award-winning company since is no surprise given the team is made up of a generation of young Croatians who have roared forth on the contemporary design scene globally during the past several years. The savvy urbanites design their products in a studio set within a showroom, which is located in the popular Zagreb design district. This means visitors can actually see the design process at work. “Their premises certainly light up not just the street they moved into, but the entire neighborhood,” notes the design district’s founders. We at Global Lighting are excited to welcome several of their products, including their bestselling Arigato, into the Stratos Collection.

Products by Grupa