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Bottega Intreccio

In the Italian village of Mogliano, Bottega Intreccio is ambitiously working to preserve and progress the centuries-old trade of intreccio weaving. The company—whose name translates to “weaving workshop”—pairs master craftsmen with a new generation of design talent to devise modern applications for the ancient weaving method. Their luxurious handcrafted products span fashion goods, home furnishings and—for the first time—lighting, in the award-winning Caratteri collection developed with architect Maurizio Bernabei.

About Bottega Intreccio

Throughout the hill towns of Italy’s Marche region, centuries-old trades remain a source of local pride—and, more importantly, industry. There are the straw hats of Montappone, the accordions of Castelfidardo, the majolica pottery of Urbania. And in the village of Mogliano, Bottega Intreccio is ambitiously working to revitalize and evolve the Renaissance-era tradition of intreccio weaving. To this end, the brand—whose name literally translates to “weaving workshop”—established the Carteca school, where expert elder craftsmen train a new generation of technicians on the artisanal technique. A rotating cast of collaborators extends the brand’s footprint across luxury sectors ranging from fashion to furniture, and adapts the ancient method to new materials, thus ensuring that the trade is not only being preserved but also progressed. The Caratteri collection—developed with architect Maurizio Bernabei and winner of a 2018 Wallpaper* Design Award—marks Bottega Intreccio’s first foray into lighting. And what a debut it is!