Rubber, a Zero wall fixture

Zero Interior Wall

From the complex light shadows thrown by the PXL wall fixture to the architectonic XM and the fastidious Rubber, Zero Interior’s commitment to the highest quality wall fixtures shines through. The manufacturer offers aesthetically superior lighting with a carbon-friendly footprint–nearly 80% of its subcontractors are near the company’s headquarters in Pukeberg, Sweden–making Zero Interior wall fixtures preferred options for architectural applications and aesthetically superior alternatives for hospitality, retail and office settings.

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Zero Interior

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Zero Interior

Swedish lighting manufacturer Zero Interior bills itself as a company producing lighting for the contract market, and you can see why architects are snapping up the company's wall fixtures for projects due to the brilliant engineering behind their lines. Given this fact, it’s no surprise that Zero Interior’s CEO Per Gill describes their products as “architectural-decorative with a twist.” Manufactured in the Zero Interior factory, a picturesque brick building in the southeast of Sweden, their products are evidence that there’s a serious sense of pride in the country’s design history for the owners. Eighty percent of the materials they used to make their fixtures are in close proximity to their plant. Gill likes to say their products reflect innovation, quality, attraction and durability, and we see he’s quite on point! A dedication to design is a strong suit of the company’s, as is evidenced by the fact that Zero Interior taps some of the world’s