Samantha Chippindale

London, UK, Freelance Writer

Global Lighting Tastemaker Sam Chippindale

With a quintessential dose of tongue-in-cheek self-deprecation we in North America envy in the Brits, Samantha Chippindale describes the design milieu in which she grew up as inauspicious, calling her birthplace of Cornwall “the design backwater at a time when good interiors were things people in London had.” Proving that 90% of good taste is nature rather than nurture, she was collecting clippings from interior design magazines by age 12, the cornerstone of her first bedroom redecoration project a Designers Guild print of Chubby Putti.

Given the bent toward classicism this choice illustrated, it’s no surprise she high-tailed it to Italy before her stint at university in Scotland began. The MA in art history she gleaned there led her into the art field, and straight to the Bernard Jacobson Gallery in London’s West End. This began a series of jobs that revolved around dreaming of beautiful things her salary could never meet, each one upping the ante on the tasteful luxury she admired early on—namely Graham Sutherland’s and Stanley Spencer’s paintings.

When she landed at one of the globe’s revered design publications, The World of Interiors, she found an environment she dubs “the most blissful and inspiring place to be, with a constant parade of quirky, beautiful and always desirable fabrics, lights and accessories.” The Mecca of urbanity taught the tastemaker that an exceptionally memorable interior has to say something about the person who owns it, and that it’s the rule-breakers, collectors and style magicians who always have the best homes.

Stints at Gardens Illustrated and Condé Nast Traveller followed, immersing her in a broader array of design fantasy fare, replete with tastefully planted gardens, many of them transporting her to dreamy exotic settings. What has this saturation in design/travel opulence brought the quick-witted journalist? A snappy imagination and intimate knowledge of high style, which she now exercises as a London freelancer, unleashing sophisticated narratives on interiors, perfume, jewelry, fashion and architecture, or, as she notes, all the good things in life!

We at Global Lighting are thrilled this sought-after wordsmith agreed to be one of our tastemakers, her review of the Unika pendant, in our Stratos Collection, an example of the lyrical prose for which she is so highly regarded.

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