Pandora de Balthazar

Pensacola, FL, Luxury Bedding/Antique Linen Aficionado

While going about her business as a successful financial planner, Pandora de Balthazár was thrown a bit of a curve ball that actually turned out to be a life-changing positive—an auto accident that resulted in a broken neck, the recovery from which would set the path of her current career. It was during a trip to Hungary four years after the mishap, when and where Pandora sought water therapy, that the avid textile collector realized how healing it is to slide into an ergonomic bed.

During a hospital stay, she was confined to bed-rest, her long recovery augmented by generously proportioned down pillows and beautified by lovely textiles, the combination of inspiring surroundings and critical support finally instituting crucial healing. Before her exposure to Austro-Hungarian Empire textiles there, she had believed she had been collecting the most luxuriant handwork ever produced. Once she saw the quality and delicacy of the examples from that bygone era, however, she found an intricacy she’d never dreamed she would see.

With health restored, Pandora returned to the crystalline sands of Florida’s Gulf Coast and began manufacturing her brand of the products, the prototypes gleaned from her Hungarian experience. Many others have now found them to be healing and life-enhancing—the ergonomic down bedding, high-thread-count linens and antique textiles cementing her reputation as an arbiter of taste where bedding and textiles are concerned. The number of magazine editors and publishers of books on fine linens who have sung her praises for her taste and desire to help others heal is impressive.

These attributes only skim the surface as to why we felt she was a natural Global Lighting tastemaker, her choice of fixtures among our offerings not a surprise given that the frame of the Z11 Black Bamboo SCCD pendant in our Ethos Collection is draped in a fabric sheath!