Melissa Cantor

New York, NY, Fashion Entrepreneur

Global Lighting tastemaker Melissa Cantor

The path from fashion/lifestyle editor to co-founder of an ethical fashion e-commerce venture was a natural one for Melissa Cantor. The stops along the map moving her into her web-savvy present include a position as the deputy editor of Miami magazine, shopping editor for the Miami edition of NBC Universal’s, international editions editor for Hearst Magazines, web editor for Tiffany & Co., and social media and digital content director for L’Oréal’s Ralph Lauren Fragrances.

All dots were connected when debuted and she was able to combine her passions for fashion and sustainability with all the knowledge she’d gained as to how to create brilliance on the internet. The portal not only sells the ethical fashions featured there, it educates visitors about the subject of sustainable labels, the emerging designers who are creating them and the fact that there is no need to sacrifice style to put your heart where your wardrobe is. Let’s just say between the lovely product offerings, the sumptuous photography and aesthetics of the site, and the social conscience of the business, it’s a beautiful effort co-created with Carolina Cantor and Rod Ruiz.

Writing for The Style Line, Rachel Schwartzmann says of the Cantor siblings, “Ethics in shopping are taken to a whole new level thanks to sisters Melissa and Carolina Cantor.” In the feature, Melissa says of a key motivation, “My favorite part about lifestyle journalism was always “the find”—helping people discover something that they’d love. With Ethica, I’m still doing very much the same, but in a more holistic way.”

It’s no wonder that the editorial thrust she maintains for the effort (as well as for a host of other ventures she undertakes as a writer) is so vibrant; Cantor has degrees in journalism and creative writing, as well as an MBA. We at Global Lighting are thrilled she got down to business as one of our tastemakers and used her sophisticated eye to spot the Jacco Maris Benben as her top pick of our products!