Marianne Russell

Miami, FL, Design Curator/Educator

Tastemaker and curator Marianne Russell

Marianne Russell knows a storied design tradition worth championing when she sees one. In fact, it’s as if the sleek, minimal lines of midcentury modern to contemporary design are in her DNA. She has been the principal buyer for and curator of Miami’s Arango Design Store for decades, and co-owner, with David Russell, of the shop noted for its affordable, high-quality contemporary design products since 1994 upon the death of the store’s founder, Judith Arango.

The couple has recently shifted their attention to focusing on the Arango Design Foundation (ADF), a non-profit organization dedicated to Judith Arango’s legacy—education. The segue will provide Russell with the opportunity to broaden her commitment to editing and curating, continuing to make an impact on the global design scene as she has in the past but with greater depth. The list of exhibitions the forward-thinking curator has staged is impressive, and her point of view as a product development consultant and knowledge as an editor of collections are globally respected. This is likely due to the fact that her criteria for excellence is based upon the philosophy that contemporary industrial design should provide life-enhancing, sustainable quality and functionality.

She is a worldly traveler who has been asked to edit commercially successful collections for private clients as well as educationally significant ones for renowned institutions. Her eye for craftsmanship, quality and relevance has benefited exhibitions and permanent design collections worldwide; and she is an equally avid supporter of emerging designers in whom she recognizes talent as she is of midcentury modern’s most iconic names. We thank her for agreeing to be one of Global Lighting’s tastemakers, and are not surprised she stayed cleverly “on message” by choosing the Sor table lamp designed by Jorge Pensi for B.lux, given its clean lines and minimalist style.

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