Krissa Rossbund

Des Moines, IA, Senior Style Editor

Awarding-winning journalist Krissa Rossbund has made herself quite comfortable at Traditional Home since her career began at the well-respected magazine, proof of this fact that she entered the publication’s doors as a staff intern and her current title is Senior Style Editor. As fans of Krissa’s, we at Global Lighting enjoy following the reportage of this lifestyle and trend expert, her take on today’s modern homeowners, which includes how they decorate, how they entertain and how they live, always well thought-out narratives.

As she helps to shape each issue of Traditional Home, always keeping in mind the publication’s mantra—Classic Taste, Modern Life—she covers merchandising, shophouses, and entertaining; and presents beautiful, timeless, and welcoming dwellings. Krissa is also one of the industry’s leading voices on entertaining, a role she takes seriously when she addresses audiences about the resurgence of hosting gatherings at-home. She goes beyond the superficial with this subject, helping her fans develop rituals that create memories for their families and friends.

As a natural outgrowth of her tenure at Traditional Home, Krissa has become an authority on showhouse production, and has helped orchestrate refined examples across the country. During its five-year run, Krissa also served as the editorial director for Decorator Showhouse, a Traditional Home supplemental publication. She currently oversees the most extensive national showhouse coverage on the market, just one more thing we love about her point of view.

Another subject she aces is how modern-day design absorbs great ideas from a variety of sources, styles, and eras to give new verve to the classics. We’re only a tad envious that she travels the world, attending the globe’s most inspiring design fairs—we say just a tad because she is so generous in sharing what she sees that it makes us feel as if we’re truly along for the ride!

Let’s all give a round of applause to this editor who has received national recognition for her work, including the 2006 and 2008 HOME award, given by the International Home Furnishings Alliance for exceptional coverage of the home furnishings industry! The aesthete chose the Victo 4250 as her favorite fixture among our offerings, her narrative allowing her talented skills as an adept storyteller to shine through!

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