Karin Edwards

Des Moines, IA, Architectural Designer/Art Historian

Karin Edwards: designer, architect, art curator

Karin Edwards believes classical principles have a place in contemporary rooms. An architectural designer as well as a Baroque art historian, her spaces and structures (seen in House Beautiful, Traditional Home and Better Homes & Gardens, among other publications) emphasize shape and proportion—attributes learned through advanced studies in art, architecture and design. It’s the contemplated balance of these disciplines that makes her work so enchanting, while her ability to understand lasting comfort and joy gives the spaces she designs such an ethereal loveliness. In her own home, her talents have manifested an elegant, art-filled retreat where four dogs and one especially long-legged cat share the furnishings.

Her passion for spaces is also one she articulates in words. Edwards is well respected in the shelter publication world—a former writer and editor for a number of popular design-centric magazines, she is one of the rare few who intuitively understands how to create beauty in both two and three dimensions. This has made her a sought-after stylist and producer for many years. You can glean a taste of this particular talent by following her blog or her Steller feed, where she composes the types of stories those of us who love beautiful design magazines love to see.

Personally, the dynamic go-getter is like a breath of fresh air when she walks into a room—her ability to engage, which makes her so delightful in person, comes across just as thoughtfully in social media. The word dynamic is not overstated here, as her recent swing on a circus trapeze illustrates. We are so thrilled that Edwards agreed to be one of Global Lighting’s tastemakers. She chose the Ode 1647 sconce as her favorite amongst our offerings, and we’re betting her take on the glam fixture will have you taking a second look at its clever layers and surprising playfulness!