Justin Shaulis

New York, NY, Interior Designer

One crisp fall day in Parma, Italy, interior designer Justin Shaulis made his way through the Mercanteinfiera—one of Italy’s most renowned antiques fairs—selecting high-end furnishings for his clients. The depth and breadth of his knowledge about provenance, and his intrepid mixing of periods and styles was a sight to behold! That’s the moment Global Trends’ editors knew he was absolutely perfect to be one of Global Lighting’s Tastemakers.

Complementing his knowledge of interior elements, this designer has an architecture background. The twin talents allow him to transform homes, apartments and venues into stunning environments for a stable of clients who demand luxurious surroundings. Based in New York City, he worked with Shigeru Ban, architect, and Jennifer Post, interior designer, before founding his own firm. Balancing the classic and the modern, he approaches each project collaboratively with the client. This means that the aesthetic varies with the influence and the context. What remains consistent is the devotion to exploring lifestyle, a theme he understands with depth given his own appreciation of luxury, and all it brings to an environ and its occupants.

Though Justin draws inspirations from his rural Pennsylvanian upbringing, his learned way of looking at the world often belies these beginnings. For instance, he brings a love of film and literature to design in order to infuse many rooms he creates with sumptuousness. We’ve seen show-house rooms he’s created exude a talent for sourcing fine art. These are the “everything in-between” his farthest flung influences that span from a Big-10 architecture degree to travel in hot pursuit of top-form antiques.

All of these traits intermingle to spell astuteness—a hallmark of his brand that landed him a stint as the Design Host for the 2010 HGTV series “Home Rules.” Given the dramatic nature of the show, it isn’t surprising he chose a theatrically inspired fixture—the Paraaf pendant by Jacco Maris—for his choice from our varied offerings.

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