Judith Dupré

Westchester County, NY, Biographer of One World Trade Center

Author Judith Dupré is passionate about the built environment. She has navigated the rarified air of being an elite New York Times bestselling author with aplomb and her books thus far have been published in eleven languages. Judith writes about history through the lens of a single building type, which has included skyscrapers, bridges, memorials and churches. Though her iconic Skyscrapers remains the bestselling book in the world on the subject, we at Global Trends predict her newest release will give it a run for its money given the significance of its topic. The title, One World Trade Center: Biography of the Building, pretty much says it all—the big, beautiful book, due out this month, is being published by Little, Brown and Company.

It’s no wonder she is such a popular author, as her M.O. is to engage and delight those who profess not to “know much” about architecture. This is quite a feat given she still manages to please those who do know a thing or two about the built world. Proving she has what it takes to deliver intelligently conceived material, Judith was one of 36 writers to receive a Public Scholar grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. She used the award monies to fund the new book, enjoying unprecedented access to the site and the WTC archives relating to it as she spent months doing research—an entrée that makes this volume as much historical document as pictorial eye-candy.

Judith is a graduate of Brown and Yale universities, as well as an intrepid traveler, amateur gardener, and weekend cruciverbalist (for the uninitiated, this means a whiz at solving crossword puzzles). The author extraordinaire has chosen the Black Out Spotlight floor lamp by Karman in the Global Lighting Stratos Collection as her favorite among our offerings, and you won’t want to miss where the “power and simplicity” of this fixture transported her!