JoAnn Locktov

San Francisco, CA, Writer & Publicist

JoAnn Locktov is the author of three books and many articles surveying different aspects of contemporary mosaics. Though the art of mosaics is one her greatest passions, her love of Venice, her favorite city in the world, is equally important to her. Regular trips to the Italian city find her exploring its cultural milieu and searching out its artisans to cover in features for her broad stateside audience. The UC Berkeley graduate recently published Dream of Venice, a pairing of creative writing and sumptuous images by Charles Christopher.

Her boutique public relations agency, Bella Figura Communications, was born when a burgeoning Venetian mosaic school needed students, and she could think of nothing more satisfying than helping fill its classrooms. Since that early endeavor, now a thriving educational center that attracts students from every corner of the globe, she has continued to represent highly creative design-and architecture-centric businesses and individuals. It is her enthusiasm for art and design that fuels her fascination with the work she does through Bella Figura, a name chosen because it represents the spirit of the Italian phrase Hai fatto bella figura, which means “making a positive impression by pleasing both the eye and the mind.” This is the essence of her outlook and her work ethic.

Also known as an early adopter in new media, Locktov is a strategic thinker and has made a name for herself as a true arbiter in the design world through her social media influence, just one more reason we at Global Lighting are so thrilled she agreed to be one of our tastemakers. She chose the Jacco Maris Montone pendant as her favorite, asking a question we are continually inspired to ask: “Why shouldn’t we light our lives with beauty?” The meaning of the word Montone—it means ram in Italian—is just one more clue that Italy carries a deep draw for Locktov, even though she now calls California home!