Jessica Haas

New York, NY, Writer/Editor

We become a bit excited here at Global Lighting when we land a tastemaker review from a member of the media, and this particular journalist/editor has us simply giddy due to the impact she has made in new media. Her name is Jessica Haas and as media was making its dynamic transition to the virtual realm, her name was simply everywhere.

After an internship at Miami’s illustrious Ocean Drive magazine, she set her sites on writing and editing content for any number of outlets. She helped launch DailyCandy Miami, curating and creating content as its city editor. Her next move was a bold one as she took the helm of The Miami Herald’s lifestyle site,, as the managing editor. Bolder still was her stint at during which she continued to report and set the trends that occur with warp speed in the audacious town. Currently, Jessica is the brand-marketing manager for the premier stationery company Crane & Co. in New York City.

Here’s a little bit of backstory as to how she discovered that her life, if she were to remain content, would be spent manipulating the written word. Her first clue? She realized early on that she simply loves telling stories—whether the tale is born in a tagline, a brand narrative or an article. The trendsetter believes her love for words can be traced back to her mother, who drove her to the local library every Saturday to take home the maximum number of books each week—five.

Fast-forward to college, and Jessica found herself enrolling in the broadcast journalism program at the University of Miami because she thought she wanted to be the next Katie Couric. Once she began receiving C’s for on-air performance and A’s for script writing, she realized what she really should be doing and wasted no time in going after that career path. Post-graduation with a truly horrible on-air reel floating around in the ether (that will hopefully never surface), she applied for that internship at Ocean Drive.

As soon as her first day, she knew she had to spend every day possible writing and writing, editing someone else’s writing, and then writing some more. We at Global Lighting are certainly glad she listened to her heart and that she hasn’t stopped using the power of the proverbial pen since. She has done us the splendid honor of choosing the Evergreen pendant in our Stratos Collection for her review.

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