Glen Fuenmayor

Brooklyn, NY, Creative Director

Global Lighting Tastemaker Glen Fuenmayor

Glen Fuenmayor is a creative director with a talent for applying his creative aesthetic and strong work ethic to a diverse set of projects, a path he’s carved by steering clear of a working world that would limit him to focus his skills too sharply. The result is the rare career spent pursuing a broad range of clients and media.

He began developing his design abilities at the Parsons School of Design while also delving into his interest in music by playing in various bands in New York City. His background in music honed two key skills that continue to influence his design work: the use of rhythm to create drama in a piece of work, and the art of applying the lessons he learned in songwriting to the editing and curating of his designs.

His talent and determination ushered him quickly into a thriving career with small boutique agencies that specialized in a broad range of design disciplines. These include Spark Design, Clarke Thompson and The Sloan Group, where he worked on a variety of collateral design projects encompassing advertising, packaging, brochures, branding, annual reports, and web design. He then challenged himself by transporting his skills to the west coast where he added catalog design and event branding to his skillset. At Mervyn’s California and Binger Design, he cultivated a strong aptitude for photo art directing. This led him to video, a medium to which he brought his musician’s touch, producing pieces that expertly balance storytelling, sound, score, rhythm and pacing.

Most recently, he has explored the marketing side of publishing by serving as an art director for print pinnacles such as Rolling Stone, Redbook, Esquire, Men’s Journal, Us Weekly, and the venerable Vanity Fair. He’s also served as creative director for Popular Mechanics, Car & Driver, and Road & Track. Broadening the content from the magazine pages, he has implemented social media campaigns, signature events, and video series to develop a larger suite on web elements. Given the breadth of his experience and the quality of the brands in his portfolio, it’s clear Glen’s decision not to pursue just one path was an intelligent one. ”I feel fortunate that I was determined to prevent myself from being pigeonholed,” he remarks. “Too often this happens with designers and artists, an occurrence that is invariably limiting and one that hampers creativity.”

We feel honored that a creative director of Glen’s calibre would take a look at the products we distribute in North America and choose not one but two favorites, the Ronda table lamp and the Secto 4201.

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