Bruce Andrews

Augusta, GA, Designer and Branding Authority

There are certain advantages that come from being immersed in the luxury sector. As proof, we present Bruce Andrews Macdonald’s career in the arenas of fashion and home décor. The dynamo has spent the past two decades influencing these dovetailing areas in retail, messaging some of the world’s best-known brands through advertising and the expansion of furniture lines in a variety of national and international markets.

Bruce has led creative teams in South Africa, England, China and the United States. He was responsible for spearheading brand-creative efforts for China’s largest home furnishing retailer Ethan Allen\Markor Holdings with 150 stores. In this role, he led his team to develop four new home furnishing retail brands, just one of the efforts that inspires us to say it’s no surprise the Cape Town native was destined to work with some of the most renowned CEOs and COOs heading up international Fortune 500 companies in the world. His expertise has had an impact on brand names as lauded as Martha Stewart, Target, and Marks and Spencer.

An immersion in aesthetics remains at the heart of his professional path, the most recent manifestation of this being the development of his eponymous brand Bruce Andrews Design. His goal with this company is an admirable one, as he is determined to bring fine craftsmanship in the furniture-manufacturing sector back to America’s shores. The bespoke and limited edition furnishings he produces with the Made-in-America model has won him rave reviews for the quality, elegance and tastefulness of each piece.

An end-goal of Bruce’s is to create the Tree of Life Foundation that will support the planting of a tree for every piece of furniture sold. Each of these specimens will have a plaque at its base bearing the purchaser’s name. The foundation will also fund the Bruce Andrews Design Academy—a school dedicated to teaching furniture craftsmanship to challenged youth in order to reinstitute these traditions in the US. We at Global Lighting look forward to watching this entrepreneur make a difference in the world. He has chosen Jacco Maris’ Ode 1647 wall light as one of his favorites among our offerings, a perfect fit to illustrate how he cannot help but be drawn to luxury.