Beth Collier

Washington, NC, Interiors and Product Designer

When Global Trends’ editors first came across the vanCollier stand at High Point Market several years ago, there was a crystal clear moment of recognition—the talent exhibited here is of the truest kind. It was the intermingling of natural symbols, such as the leaves of the Gingko tree treated to sophisticated fabrications and swathed in fabulous finishes, with fashionable fabrics that were silky smooth to the touch that revealed the brilliance of the man and woman behind the proverbial curtain.

Pulling the levers are Beth Collier and her husband Chris, who founded vanCollier as a full-service design company in 1995. They began by melding their knowledge of antiques with an elegant point of view on interior design, bringing the production of custom furniture and accessories that marry historic elegance with contemporary design into the mix eventually.

Marking over 15 years of pushing into new territory, the vanCollier brand—the moniker created by melding Beth’s maiden name van Dorp and their married name—is one of our favorites during High Point Market because of the breadth of their inspirations. Stylistic bents with past products include everything from Art Nouveau influences to twists on Southern culture. Currently in the works, the pair continues to expand into upholstery and creating an outdoor collection. A hallmark of their point of view is to merge modern design with classical details, the resulting furnishings manufactured by artists and artisans in North Carolina.

The vanCollier studio is located in a Georgian-style building of historical significance built in 1907. Once a hospital in Washington, North Carolina, this backdrop where they have their home and workspace is not a surprise given Chris began his career as manager of an antiques auction house and later transitioned to developing historical residential infill developments. Beth began her career as an art museum curator in 1990 and continued her passion for the arts by serving on the museum’s acquisitions committee for seven years after stepping down from her position. She has chosen Jacco Maris’s Mrs.Q wall as her favorite fixture among our offerings, her review of the light mentioning tactility and warmth, two slights-of-hand you will see in her own designs.

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