Andres Guzman

New York, NY, Interior Designer

Andres Guzman, a Global Lighting tastemaker.

Serving as the perfect complement to Christopher Raessler’s southern roots, Andres Guzman hails from Lima, bringing a touch of Peruvian flair to their firm’s sensibilities. The partners in the spirited firm RGR Design Associates have been a fixture on the Miami design scene for 20 years—Guzman’s BA in Business Administration from the University of Miami set him on a course to success outshone only by the design elegance his team achieves. His career experience began as a principal of The South Beach Design Group in 1995. He added a high-end furniture showroom to his resume in 1996 and then RGR Design Associates in 2008 (when he also added a New York City residence and office to his address book).

It is the RGR Design Associates brand that has lifted his stature in the design world even higher because the firm is known for its dedication to the meticulous creation of exclusive high-end interior environments, which lands them projects in locales from the United States and Europe to Latin America and the Caribbean with breathtaking consistency. Licensed in both New York and Florida—an important distinction in a world where legitimacy matters—RGR also benefits from Andres’s designation as a licensed real estate agent in New York, adding to the firm’s knowledge of what it takes to “get things done” in one of the world’s most challenging cities. The team working under him exudes such vigorous energy, it is a dynamic ride just to hear about the projects they are composing. These properties illustrate the range of styles they easily ace, from ultra-modern condominiums in South Beach and condominium buildings basking under the South Florida sun, to châteaux in France. Guzman’s portfolio includes numerous national and international articles about his firm’s design prowess, and he has garnered numerous awards during his 20 years as a design professional. We at Global Lighting were eager to see his choice once he agreed to be one of our tastemakers. He tapped the U Ceiling/Wall designed by David Abad for B.lux as his pick amongst the products we bring to North America. Don’t say we didn’t tell you he has exquisite taste!

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