Ya Ya 70 Wall

The Ya Ya 70 Wall

Hind Rabii, who designed this family of fixtures, describes YA-YA as the center, the heart of a place. The fascinating contours of the YA-YA 70 wall surrounds the heart of its light-source to create a whimsical profile. The spirit of this playful design imitates a keyhole through which light is spied, one through which illumination is sculpted and the reflection of light strikes undulant metal. The YA-YA wall comes in other subtly different organic shapes, each configuration available in white, gold, sliver and copper leaf finishes.Request a Quote

Ya Ya 70 Wall
Ya Ya 70 Wall Tech Drawing
Product Name
Ya Ya 70 Wall
Hind Rabii 
Light Source


4 x 3 Watt
cUL Certified

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  • Ya Ya White
  • Ya Ya Silver
  • Ya Ya Copper
  • Ya Ya Gold


For over 20 years, Hind Rabii has been producing collections that exhibit a clear expression of the designer’s established philosophy. The point of view combines the pure lines of Scandinavian design with inspiration born in her Moroccan roots. In her designs, the colors of the Mediterranean come together with Nordic design to create collections with unrivalled refinement, embellished with a touch of enchanting imagination that brings the pared-down profiles their personality.

Rabii was born in 1973 in Morocco, and lived there until she moved to Belgium where she studied industrial engineering. The designer has always exhibited a great passion for fashion and art, both of which inform her creations. Quoting Kahlil Gibran, she says, “Love is a word of light written by a hand of light upon a page of light.” Setting out to emulate this heartfelt spirit, she created her eponymous company in 1997 with her husband Michael Orban.

She brings her interest in architecture to the lighting she creates, producing products that are both decorative and clean-lined, a challenging paradox to achieve. Explaining her dedication to creating unusual products, she says, “We expect lights to shed light, to shine, to create shadows. To do this, the poetry of materials plays an emotional card.” The company’s products have a dynamic presence in the best lighting and interior design showrooms in the world.

A fascination with pure, clean lines is evident in her work, as is a love of fine materials that include metal treated to luminous finishes; glass from Murano where the molten material has been blown for generations; and ceramic, her latest passion, sourced from the Venice region. It is how this designer treats these materials that sets her apart, the sculptural sophistication they exude appealing to architects in particular.