The Acorn Pendant

Invert the cupule of an acorn, treat it with a serene finish reminiscent of Scandinavia’s iconic birch tree, top it off with a smooth dash of modernism, and you have the Acorn pendant. Designer Atle Tveit merged oak and painted aluminum elements to cultivate a cleanly capped creation that represents Nordic sensibilities at their very finest—choose either white, gray or black to satisfy your favorite birch-bark hue.Request a Quote

Acorn Pendant
Acorn Pendant Tech Drawing
Product Name
Acorn Pendant
Aluminium and Oak
Cord Length
6 Feet
Light Source

GU24 A19

1 x 9.5 Watt
Rendering GU 24 LED Bulb

E26 Globe

1 x 15 Watt
cUL Certified
5 lb.

Download product specification sheet for a full list of available size and lamping options

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  • Northern Acorn White Acorn White
  • Northern Acorn Grey Acorn Gray
  • Acorn Black


Norwegian furniture designer Atle Tveit graduated from the Bergen National Academy of Art and Design in 2006 with a master’s degree. He made quick work of founding his own design studio with a former classmate, a collaboration that lasted for four years and resulted in many products for various Scandinavian furniture manufacturers. It also spawned several awards, chief among them the Young Talent Award from The Norwegian Design Council. Tveit has also won the Award for Design Excellence several times—for the Variér Active office chair in 2013 and the Clint occasional chair in 2010. Bo Bedre magazine tapped him as the Designer of the Year in 2009. With this many awards, it's no surprise he's remarkably popular on the Norwegian design scene and is making inroads elsewhere in Europe.

He now heads up the eponymous Atle Tveit Design, an interdisciplinary studio in Oslo, Norway, situated in the old control tower at Fornebu that brings its team a sweeping view of the landscape. The philosophical bent of the studio espouses that cooperation and dialogue enhance and enrich the creative process as clearly as it perfects the pathways through production. One look at their range of products and it is clear that seating is a specialty—from the Air and Bloc benches to the Prins sofa and the Bone and TT chairs. But it is lighting that we at Global Lighting are excited to include in our Stratos Collection, offering the Acorn pendant, manufactured by Northern, to the North American marketplace exclusively. To see all of this talented designers’ work, visit the website for his interdisciplinary studio, Atlet Veit Design.