24 Karati Octagonal Pendant

The 24 Karati Octagonal Pendant

If all that glitters is gold, the 24 Karati Octagonal pendant, designed by Matteo Ugolini, will add a glistening accent point to any space. Available in opaque milk-white and translucent pale yellow or smoky clear triple-layered glass, the pendant is handcrafted in Italy. What other country in the world inspires more romantic gestures? We wager none, so consider these pendants amorous elements for interiors where a fairy-tale mood is desRequest a Quote

24 Karati Octagonal Pendant
24 Karati Octagonal Pendant Tech Drawing
Product Name
24 Karati Octagonal Pendant
Cord Length
6 Feet
Light Source

GU24 A19

1 x 15 Watt
Rendering GU 24 LED Bulb
cUL Certified

Download product specification sheet for a full list of available size and lamping options

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  • Karman 24 Karati White Glass
  • Karman 24 Karati Clear Smoke Glass
  • Karman 24 Karati Pale Yellow Glass


Designer Matteo Ugolini was born in Pesaro, Italy in 1973, showing an affinity for drawing and painting since he was a young boy. This was a sign of things to come, as he has never lost his joy of experimentation with forms and materials. His university years were spent at CNIPA, the Centro Sperimentale Design Ancona. Upon graduation, he went straight to work collaborating with Studio Telemaco, developing furniture and accessories for a variety of design/architectural projects.

In 2008, Ugolini took over the reigns as art director of the Italian brand Karman, designing some of the company’s first lighting lines and setting the company’s branding on its current creatively avant-garde course. Ugolini designed some of Karman’s most popular products—the Déjà-Vu and Ali & Babà among them. The designer’s passionate goal is to cause emotion through lighting, and in keeping with the ironic point of view he espouses, he loves designing but feels no qualms in denouncing the need to be influenced by trends. He simply concentrates on creating products he loves.

Ugolini describes himself as deeply connected to nature, and hopes his designs will inspire a better understanding of all aspects of the natural environment. Along with his lighting creations on his website, the proud father has human ones front-and-center as well, his son Cesare and daughters Elena and Sofia grinning proudly from their candid snapshots. Global Lighting distributes Ugolini’s Via Rizzo 7 pendants, Pietro pendant, Sette Nani family of pendants, and Atelier pendant—which he designed for Karman—in the United States and Canada.