March 6, 2014

Philips’ SlimStyle Is An Incandescent Bulb on a Diet


incandescent light bulb held over a head

Even though I’m a lighting design professional and I know light bulbs come in all shapes and sizes, when I picture a light bulb in my mind’s eye, I see Edison’s version—the classic incandescent with a round shape, wider on top, narrowing to a screw base on bottom. Even with all the changes in lighting technology and the growing options offered on retail shelves, such as the double spiral shape of CFLs, I think most of us reference this image of a traditional, Edison screw-base light bulb when asked.

Philips Slimstyle bulb

One shape that just hit retail outlets at the start of the new year is Philips’s SlimStyle flat bulb. Yes—you read that right. Flat. Light bulb. Really. The SlimStyle is shaped like a traditional bulb from its wide side and at its base. But its profile is thin—as if Edison’s design got healthy and is now sporting flat abs!

Philips Slimstyle profile

The SlimStyle is actually an LED light and replaces the recently banned 60-watt incandescent bulb with a brightness equivalent and similar soft white color temperature. The big difference (other than the shape, of course) is in the numbers: This new bulb will last 22.8 years (based on 3 hours of use per day) and will cost just $1.26 per year in energy costs. It uses just 10.5 watts—82.5% less than the conventional 60-watt bulb.

Philips Slimstyle light bulb

Mashable recently featured the bulb and writer Pete Pachal sang its praises after seeing the bulb in person. “I got a little hands-on time with the SlimStyle. The light it produces is as warm as an incandescent bulb and it’s extremely consistent, with no flicker,” Pachal wrote. “It feels more durable, too, with an exterior that’s more like hard plastic than glass (though I didn’t stress-test it). Unlike some of those twisty CFL bulbs, the LED-based SlimStyle is dimmable.”

Philips Slimstyle light bulb

Currently sold exclusively at The Home Depot, the Philips SlimStyle will set you back almost $10, but with a life of close to 23 years, that’s quite a bargain!

Thanks to Pachal and Mashable for all the great info about and images of this new sustainable lighting product. It is an exciting time in the light bulb aisle!

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