When a designer or architect heeds the call to take it outside, the offerings for lighting to serve as accoutrements for the well-heeled loggia, plaza, boardwalk, garden or terrace just got groovier. Though the natural world isn’t often deemed a material one, devices to illuminate it are. We bring you heavy metal in a Corten finish, and the effervescing white silhouettes of aluminum and polyethylene for your landscaping pleasure, and we promise these are anything but your garden-variety outdoor fixtures.

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If we say we’re leading you down the garden path, we at Global Lighting mean it in the most flattering of terms when it comes to the outdoor and landscape lighting we bring to North American showrooms and manufacturers' representatives. We know that the most remarkable projects don’t end at the doors to the exteriors, so why should exterior lighting be any less fashionable or architectonic than the fixtures designers and architects choose for their interiors? We source our lighting from abroad, drawing from manufacturers who take style just as seriously as they take engineering. Included amongst our landscape offerings are fixtures by the talented designers David Abad, Mario Ruiz, Jorge Pensi and Jon Santacoloma, whose Kanpazar floor lamps illuminate the terraces at Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Talk about light being a setting's muse (and at a museum, no less)! If you are new to our corner of the digital lighting realm, the fixtures we distribute exclusively in the North American marketplace have been included in the interiors of some of the world’s most respected brands, including Disney Cruise Line, Apple, Google, Mandarin Oriental, CNN, Gucci and Four Seasons. Global Lighting was recently honored by being the only lighting distributor in the world to be included in the Rolls Royce Owners’ Club Yearbook, "A Legacy of Driving Excellence," published for the North American owners of new and vintage Rolls Royce and Bentley automobiles. It is a sumptuous coffee table book published by St. James’s House out of London to celebrate the organization’s 110th anniversary. No other industry understands quality like the luxury car market, and we believe this nod signifies that our concentration on quality and service has placed us in excellent company.