September 14, 2016

A New Wave of Influencers

Tastemaking never looked so compelling!


Saxon Henry, Editor-in-Chief

You may have noticed that we rolled out a new foursome of Tastemakers recently. To celebrate their achievements, we at Global Trends thought it would be fun to see what the influencers are up to this month as they are going about their tastemaking ways! We have an American in Paris (Bruce Andrews Macdonald attended Maison & Objet); an editor who produced a delightful spread celebrating family, good friends, food and life for this month’s issue of Traditional Home (Krissa Rossbund’sBeautifully Belated,” a “Gatherings” piece featuring a Texas soiree); a textiles connoisseur heads to that grandly sized state to stir up some excitement at a lauded antiques show (Pandora de Balthazár will hold court at Round Top for the next several weeks); and an architecture critic reviews a book filled with emotionally charged architecture (J. Michael Welton digests 9/11 Memorial Visions by Lester J. Levine).


September 2016
Global Lighting Tastemakers


Bruce Andrews Macdonald, Global Lighting influencer

Bruce Andrews Macdonald
Designer and Branding Authority

As you will see from Bruce Andrews Macdonald’s full Tastemaker profile, he’s quite at home in the luxury sector. Who better, then, to be combing the halls of Maison & Objet for elegant offerings? He didn’t disappoint when perusing this respected home design trade fairs, as his eye spotted a table setting (below) replete with Versace radiance that he shares with Global Trends’ readers.

“It’s always a thrill to see the point of view that the organizers of Maison achieve,” he says of the show. “To walk the halls filled with releases that will be coming into the marketplace in the future to then have access to Paris upon leaving, which holds historically significant design elements through the ages, is one of the most remarkable things about attending this event. It’s truly a not-to-miss happening in my book.”


Bruce Andrews at Maison et Objet


It’s no surprise that he would be equally fascinated with the time-honored and the trend-setting, as he produces seriously au currant furniture with a nod to a storied past through his eponymous brand Bruce Andrews Design. His goal with this company is an admirable one, as he is determined to bring fine craftsmanship in the furniture-manufacturing sector back to America’s shores. The bespoke and limited edition furnishings he produces with the Made-in-America model has won him rave reviews for the quality, elegance and tastefulness of each piece.

The native of South Africa has established a foundation, which will fund the Bruce Andrews Design Academy, a school dedicated to teaching furniture craftsmanship to challenged youth in order to reinstitute these traditions in the US. We at Global Lighting look forward to watching this entrepreneur make a difference in the world. He chose our Jacco Maris’ Ode 1647 wall light as one of his favorites among our offerings, a perfect fit to illustrate how he cannot help but be drawn to luxury.


Krissa Rossbund Global Lighting influencer

Krissa Rossbund
Senior Style Editor

Awarding-winning journalist Krissa Rossbund has made herself quite comfortable at Traditional Home since her career began at the well-respected magazine, the Senior Style Editor’s full profile proof that she’s making her mark on the lives of today’s modern homeowners. This includes how they decorate, how they entertain and how they live—each piece always a well-thought-out narrative, such as the one below highlighting a lovely evening under a canopy of mature trees strung with white lights, the gathering realized by Dallas-based interior designer Jean Liu to celebrate her friend Heather Wiese-Alexander’s birthday.


Krissa Rossbund spread in Traditional Home


“True to the saying ‘everything’s bigger in Texas,’” Krissa writes, “the four-course menu featured fall delectables such as fried oyster hors d’oeuvres, butternut squash soup, a two-part entrée of lamb and stuffed quail, and pear bread pudding topped with bourbon sauce.” Who wouldn’t want a seat at this table? Quoting Liu, Krissa notes, “It feels good to make the time to create an experience…” This talented editor could have been describing her gift to Traditional Home readers with that statement!

We always look forward to seeing what angle of Classic Taste, Modern Life—the magazine’s mantra—she will present in each issue as she covers entertaining, and presents timeless and welcoming dwellings. She has received national recognition for her work, including the 2006 and 2008 HOME award, given by the International Home Furnishings Alliance for exceptional coverage of the home furnishings industry! We are thrilled to have the aesthete among our tastemakers!


Pandora de Balthazar Global Lighting influencer

Pandora de Balthazár
Luxury and Antique Linens Aficionado

You’ll learn from Pandora de Balthazár’s full profile that an auto accident resulting in a broken neck while she was going about her business as a successful financial planner was a curve ball that would turn into a winning pitch as she recuperated in Hungary. Confined to bed-rest, her long hospital stay augmented by generously proportioned down pillows and beautified by lovely textiles helped her to realize that the critical support and loveliness brought her crucial healing. Fast forward a few decades later and she has created her own brand of ergonomic down bedding and high-thread-count linens, and offers designer a collection of antique textiles that is virtually unmatched in its depth and breadth anywhere in the world.


Pandora de Balthazar sells at Round Top


What you won’t read in her tastemaker profile is what a dynamo she is as she sets up shop at some of the country’s most popular design events, such as the Round Top antiques extravaganza and High Point Market. The setting she and her team creates in the Arbor International Antiques section of the former, seen in the image above, is a veritable retreat where fairgoers flock for a respite from hours spent on their feet! She’s known to “put people to bed” as she illustrates just how remarkable her sleep system is at supporting the human form and how delicious her high-thread-count Italian linens feel to the skin!

She also exhibits her impressive collection of antiques, which includes a vast array of Austro-Hungarian Empire textiles, her eye for sourcing has gained her the reputation of being an arbiter of taste where bedding and fine linens are concerned. The number of magazine editors and publishers of books who have sung her praises for her taste and her desire to help others heal is truly impressive—the most recent nod from Hoffman Media editor-in-chief Phyllis DePiano in her book Monograms and Antique Linens. Designers simply see her as an authority on the subject of luxury bedding, so apropos given her knowledge and eye. Imagine how delighted we were to have her choose the Z11 Black Bamboo SCCD pendant in our Ethos Collection, which is draped in a fabric sheath—so on point, don’t you think?


Michael Welton a Global Lighting influencer

J. Michael Welton
Architecture Critic and Design Journalist

Perusing J. Michael Welton’s full profile brings a swift awareness as to just how astute an architectural critic he is. He fastidiously covers the built world on his own Architects + Artisans, and writes for The New York Times, The Washington Post, New York magazine, Dwell, Metropolis, the News & Observer in Raleigh, the Huffiington Post and Ocean Home as well. He is just as “at home” discussing products and featuring book reviews as he is exploring design philosophy and architectural theory.

The image below was published in the book 9/11 Memorial Visions by Lester J. Levine, which Michael reviewed recently. In the piece, he notes how the author was inspired to publish a handful of the non-winning entries for the 9/11 World Trade Center memorial design composition. There were 5,201 of them, such a large number I had never realized until reading Michael’s review. Taking 50 at a time, Levine singled out the entries with non-traditional uses of light, color, sound or technology. Quoting the author, Michael wrote, “There were five that blew my mind—they were light filled or colorful and asked the visitor to do something.”


Michael Welton Reviews September 11 book


A selection of 200 entries made it onto Levine’s spreadsheet and he narrowed it down further by choosing projects that had an emotional component to them, such as a personal note about how the events of 9/11 affected the designer. Quoting the author, Michael sums up the project by saying, “It’s a work of journalism and of oral history. They are stories of creation.” An author himself, Michael knows the importance of documentation on this level. His book featuring architects who draw by hand, Drawing from Practice: Architects and the Meaning of Freehand, was published last year. Staying true to his point of view, he chose the Z3 Birds Nest, made in The Netherlands, in our Ethos Collection as his pick of our products, mentioning the complex patterns of light the fixture gives off at night as a tie-in to some seriously stunning architecture he has been admiring.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our peek at the activities our newest wave of tastemakers are undertaking as we launch into the frenetic time known as the fall design season!

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