April 24, 2017

Meet Tastemaker Tracy A. Davis

The unerring eye is always evaluating excellence in design!

Tracy Davis, new Global Lighting tastemaker


The cultivated eye is a remarkable thing to watch. A painting held between two hands, measured with precision without a blink; a piece of fabric sized up—is the pattern fitting, with the color match? The skills designers bring to their professions is one of the things we admire so much about our clients here at Global Lighting, and there are those whose talents shine particularly bright. This is the case with Tracy A. Davis, one of our newest and savviest tastemakers.

Meet Tracy A. Davis of Urban Dwellings

She comes at design from a variety of angles: as the founder of Urban Dwellings, a Portland based Interior Architectural Practice that is one of New England’s leading design firms; as an active member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID); and as a contributing writer for numerous coastal shelter magazines.

Since founding Urban Dwellings in 2005, she has gained a reputation for reinventing space by employing a blended aesthetic, and has become known for a discerning point of view that has a devotion to interior architecture at its core. One of her commitments as a designer is to reflect the deep environmental connection clients hold to their surroundings, and not just in the lush reaches of Maine but for her clients in urban settings like Boston and New York City, as well. Let’s just say her portfolio is varied and impressive.

Her boutique design shop in one of Portland, Maine’s, hottest neighborhoods reveals her sophisticated eye we have seen in action, one she employs to curate an exceptional array of elements for the home. Of Atle Tveit’s Acorn pendant for Northern, which she chose as her favorite among the fixtures we offer, she says, “Using the form of an acorn as inspiration, oak and aluminum merge as one, and effortlessly hang from above, as if the space was built for it, not the other way around.” This proves the unerring eye is always evaluating and reevaluating excellence in design!

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