April 25, 2017

Meet Tastemaker James Swan

The lilt of his voice and the intelligence of his content is unparalleled.

James Swan, Global Lighting tastemaker


Musicality has a face on the design scene and its name is James Swan. The lilt of his voice and the intelligence of his content has made him an exciting new star with the professionals whose stories he tells via his podcasts. Produced under his Million Dollar Decorating brand, he keeps his focus on beautiful living, which makes his interviews seriously meaningful as he presents unguarded conversations that reveal behind-the-scenes sources of inspiration and resources.

Meet James Swan of Million Dollar Decorating

He comes to the effort so fully informed because he himself built a career crafting classically influenced interiors throughout the United States. Television appearances on HGTV’s “Homes Across America,” speaking engagements with the professional design industry association NEOCON, and regular guest-spots on national radio programs prepared him to be comfortable with the sophisticated delivery he now achieves.

His review of the Ruban Plié Round pendant by Jacco Maris is an example of how sonorously he expresses himself, comparing the fixture’s undulant ribbons of steel to waves of kelp during a deep-water dive in the Monterey Bay off the coast of California. “Fifty feet down, amongst the famous kelp beds of the bay I looked up and will never forget the twisted, fluid masses of kelp, pierced by sunlight pouring deep into the water,” he said, painting a picture that effervesces to life!

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Photo credit: Beth Tilley Green, compliments of Currey & Company.