Jacco Maris pendants: Ruban Plie Oval

Jacco Maris Pendants

Pendant fixtures produced by Netherlands-based Jacco Maris span stylistic notes from industrial chic (the Solo and the Benben) to stunningly beautiful (the Ode 164, the Montone and the Paraaf). To know this designer is to understand the passion behind his brand and to recognize a visionary dedicated to the height of artistry. We feel the Jacco Maris pendants will serve as a fitting introduction.

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Jacco Maris

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Jacco Maris

Perhaps more than any other type of lighting fixture we distribute in North America designed and produced by Jacco Maris, his pendants illustrate how thoroughly he is a master of steel—the material his muse—and an artist who just happens to illuminate his creations. From the ribbons of steel that flow outward from his Ruban Plié Oval, to those that wrap within the shapes of his Montone series and those that undulate within his Paraaf, his dexterity with morphing steel into beautiful shapes is unique. Taking material to an entirely new level, his Ode 1647 pendant is made of high-pressure hose that you would find in racecars and the mechanical elements of elevators. Its name sprung from its design inspiration: the classic chandeliers popular during the 1600s. Maris’s first collection was developed when a client asked him to create a light fixture for a room he had designed. His inspiration sprung organically from his life, as he enjoyed taking trips to the scrapyard, where he would gather raw materials for what would become one of his early signature materials: curvy steel. “I bought a roll of metal and found some tubes and other materials at the