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Outdoor fixtures produced by Netherlands-based Jacco Maris represent the epitome industrial chic, contrasting his jewelry-like lighting so completely that it’s surprising to learn they all sprung from the same creative spirit. The Jacco Maris outdoor lamps, the Outsider and the Outsider Adjustable, are standouts in terms of style, reflecting Jacco’s passion and artistry.

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Jacco Maris

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Perhaps the Outsider outdoor fixtures more than any others illustrate Jacco Maris’s passion for experimentation, which makes his lighting fixtures veritable works of art. The master of steel, a material that became his muse early on, is also an artist who just happens to illuminate his creations. It was when Jacco was riffling through a salvage yard and he came upon 500 headlights salvaged from Russian tractors that the idea for both the Stand Alone and the Outsider were born—the Stand Alone making use of these headlights and the Outsider outdoor suspension lamp (as well as its adjustable sidekick) oversized versions he created to hang in the display booth when he was introducing his scrappy idea to design devotees at a European trade show. The pendant garnered so much attention, and resulted in enough orders, that he was launched in a new direction! “I love the simplicity of the form of this fixture,” he remarks. “I have always wanted to make a design that would last for 100 years, and