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Produced in the Netherlands, Jacco Maris’s floor lamps represent the epitome of industrial chic, contrasting his more jewelry-like pendant fixtures so completely it’s surprising to learn they all sprung from the same creative spirit. This Jacco Maris floor lamp, the Stand Alone, is a standout in terms of style, reflective of the passion behind the brand and a visionary’s dedication to the height of artistry.

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Jacco Maris

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Jacco Maris

There are few of Jacco Maris’s lighting offerings that don’t have a story behind them. His Stand Alone floor lamp happens to be one of the most serendipitous, and if you’ve heard Maris’s story, you won’t be surprised that the "aha" moment took place in a salvage yard when he came across 500 headlights gleaned from or meant for Russian tractors. Voilà: the Stand Alone was born! When he was ready to present these slender sentinels to the cognoscenti at one of Europe’s design fairs, he created an oversized version of the floor and table lamps to hang in the display booth. Little did he know the pendant would garner an enviable amount of attention (and enough orders to launch him in a new direction—statuesque, industrial-chic floor lamps and pendants)! “I love the simplicity of the form of this fixture,” he remarks. “I have always wanted to make a design that would last for 100 years, and I think this is