Jacco Maris Ode 1647 wall fixture.

Jacco Maris Ceiling & Wall

Ceiling and wall fixtures produced by the Netherlands-based Jacco Maris are handmade products spanning stylistic notes from industrial chic (the Ruban Plié Round ceiling light) to stunningly beautiful (the Ode 1647 wall sconce), each clues to his passion for experimentation and a dedication to the height of artistry. The loveliness of the Jacco Maris ceiling and wall offerings is a fitting introduction to this manufacturer’s artisanal bent.

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Jacco Maris

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Jacco Maris

To know Jacco Maris is to understand the passion behind his brand and to recognize a visionary dedicated to the height of artistry—his love of experimentation makes his lighting fixtures veritable works of art. He is a master of steel, the material his muse, and an artist who just happens to illuminate his creations—one look at the sconce and ceiling fixture in this section of our product offerings, and the ribbons of steel flowing from his Ruban Plié Round and the Ode 1647 made of high-pressure hose illustrate this point perfectly. Maris's inspiration has always emerged organically from his life, many of his ideas springing from trips he took to the scrapyard, where he would gather raw materials for what would become one of his early signature materials: curvy steel. “I bought a roll of metal and found some tubes and other materials at the scrapyard,” he explains. “My first small collection was called Ruban Plié, which is French for bent steel.” It was 1996, and Maris has continued to push the stylistic envelope. “I’m not trying to make a collection that fits together,” he says.