November 3, 2015

Heimtextil Trendsetting News

Prepare for 2016 and Well-Being 4.0

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This past January, we introduced Global Trends’ readers to Heimtextil, the largest international tradeshow for home and contract textiles held in Frankfurt, Germany, each year. What impressed our editorial team was a new effort dubbed Heimtextil Theme Park, a innovative way of communicating textile advancement by placing it within contexts, be them cultural-, artistic- or craft-oriented.

What continues to inspire us as we move swiftly toward the next iteration of the fair—to be held in Frankfurt am Main from January 12 through 15, 2016—is that the trend forecasting initiated with the Theme Park project has become even more sophisticated as it has developed.

Heimtextile Trend Table

We learned just how refined the endeavor has become when Global Trends’ creative director Rod Ruiz attended a press event in New York City recently, hearing Olaf Schmidt of Heimtextil and Romney Jacob, a member of the Heimtextil Trend Table from WGSN—a fashion trend forecasting and analysis consultancy, speak about trends.

“After attending the event, I’d have to say ‘perfect pair,’” says Ruiz. “Heimtextil and WGSN are brilliant together. Theme Park 2016/2017 is an interactive approach in communicating the latest trends in textile innovation, a focus we take so seriously at Global Lighting.”

Given how we do pay such particular attention to our own corner of the design universe, lighting, to stay abreast of the latest and greatest inclinations impacting our world, we thought it would be fun to share a bit more about the global effort Heimtextil is undertaking along with one particular correlation we have noticed within the Global Lighting collections.

We were fortunate to receive several remarkable publications in the press packets handed out at the NYC event that concretize the research carried out by the Trend Table team, which includes US-based members Lisa White and Isham Sardouk, both of WGSN. Other forecasters are the UK’s Kate Franklin and Caroline Till of Franklin Till Studio, and Helen Sac of WGSN; Anne Marie Commandeur and Grietje Schepers of stijlinstituut Amsterdam in the Netherlands; Japan’s Gen and Dan Namura of Dan Project; Felix Diener of Felix Diener Studio in Germany; and France’s Mayouri Sengchanh, who runs Exalis now affiliated with Carlin International.

The mission statement the group of visionaries crafted addresses the fact that society’s move toward technology has resulted in a daily bombardment of plugged-in demands. “It hardly seems possible to be offline any more,” it reads. “And yet all the more we feel the need for well-being and wellness—linked with a deep desire for a home that gives us peace and harmony.”

They have dubbed their newest campaign “Well-Being 4.0,” citing the fact that the health and wellness market—recently evaluated at 3.4 trillion US dollars—is booming. So much so that it has now outdistanced the pharmaceutical industry globally. The subjects they cover editorially include “Craft as Luxury,” “Precious Minerals,” The Colours of Well-Being,” “Therapeutic Textiles” and “Bioluminescence.”

Well Being 4.0

The editorial they created is super savvy and enlightened, and we couldn’t wait to share their opening salvo regarding “Craft as Luxury” because it mirrors how we’ve been thinking about the subject of late: “We continue to be captivated by luxury, however, the definition of luxury has shifted dramatically. Now, people covet the product but also want all-encompassing elements; narrative, storytelling and artisanship, adding to the allure. We place a greater focus on craftsmanship and authenticity and become more interested in the emotional or functional benefits. Maintaining a high quality is vital when delivering an original and luxurious feeling.”

The Trends booklet they produced begins with this important statement: “Bringing the human element back into design is essential.” The group identified a circle of wellness that contains four main actions—protect, energize, enrich and nourish—which have both design elements and color palettes associated with them. Protect represents introspection; energize is akin to exploration; nourish calls to mind a quest; and enrich includes indulging and elevating.

Color palettes for each are distinct. Protect moves from whites, creams and taupes to grays and eggplants; while Energize includes the largest number of bright hues like primary shades of red and purple, yellow and green. Nourish holds rich tones of teal, brown and salmon; and Enrich includes indulgent shades of maroon, navy and putty.

Top Pendant

As we perused Protect, we identified a number of fixtures in our collections that are maintaining strong sales, the coveting of craftsmanship and engineered luxury—mentioned above—apparent in each of these, and particularly with the Top pendant by Swedish manufacturer Zero in a crisp white. The narrative the trends team created for Protect is on-point with everything from hospitality venues to free-form office environments, which is one of the main milieus the Top is often tapped to illuminate. “Mindful meditation is on the rise as it provides balance and enhances general well-being,” the visionaries contend. “The direction announces the emergence of clean aesthetics, clean design and clean living…”

As we move into 2016, the Theme Park initiative advises that new trend concepts will revive creativity and innovation with exciting stories and unique product developments: “Between minimalism and abundance, nature and technology, a balanced vision of the future is emerging.” To follow along as these tastemakers continue to develop their concepts, check the interactive online Theme Park platform often.

You’ll find the hues they’ve chosen for each of their themes on the color page of the site; and you might notice how the Protect section echoes Benjamin Moore’s 2016 Color of the Year, Simply White. It is no wonder the Top pendant in its palest version is one of the strongest sellers in our ECCO Collection. We’ll be watching as segues to new trends develop—it’s uppermost on our minds as we strive to stay on the crest of the curatorial wave so we hope you’ll check back here from time to time to see how we’re doing, as well!

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