February 7, 2017

Fair Weather Friends

Debuting at Stockholm Furniture Fair; a look back at M&O

  • Global Lighting collaborators at design fairs

by Saxon Henry

Navigators of any stripe will tell you that keeping a vessel afloat means looking both forward and aft to assure clear sailing. We’re taking this tack with this Global Trends post today, as we’re giving you news of our manufacturers exhibiting at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair this week, and glancing back to those who debuted new products at Maison & Objet a mere few weeks ago.


Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2017

Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair

The Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair takes place in the Swedish capital from February 7 through 11—just one segment of Stockholm Design Week that comprises more than 100 design-related events in various venues throughout the town. Northern (in stand A06:12) and Zero (in stand A05:10) will be debuting new products at the fair, which is billed as the world’s largest meeting place for Scandinavian design. Event organizers always tap a guest designer to create an exhibition, and this year’s choice, Jaime Hayon, has envisioned a playful installation dubbed the Hayon DNA Gallery.


New Northern Products in Stockholm

Northern at Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair

Northern has a number of new products debuting during the fair, including the manufacturer’s first ceiling light, Above. The popular Say My Name fixture will be shown in a new smoky gray color; and Meld, Circle and Balancer will be new fixtures the Oslo, Norway-based producer of exemplary lighting in our Stratos Collection will have on view. We’ll be rolling out many of these introductions in the coming months so stay tuned for the new designs to debut here in North America.


New Zero Lighting Products for 2017

Zero Lighting at Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair

Our collaborators at Zero will be rolling out a number of new designs that include additional introductions in the Convex family of fixtures, and Mist, a new series by Front Design Studio “With Mist, Front continues its design experimentation with light and shade, hand-blown glass and LED technology,” Per Gill, the CEO of Zero, tells us. “The result is a pendant, and ceiling- and wall-fixture with double globes that diffuse the light evenly and pleasantly. The semitransparency of the outer glass globe provides depth and creates an illusion of light glowing through a mist.”

A number of other new products will be introduced right here on Global Lighting in our Zero Collection of smartly engineered light fixtures made by the Nybro, Sweden-based manufacturer before you know it. I also see that Form Us With Love, one of our favorite Swedish design studios, will have workshops and guest talks at their offices during the fair. If you go, we’d love to know what you gleaned from the experience!


Maison & Objet – January 2017

Maison and Objet fair in Paris

Ay Illuminate, in our Ethos Collection; and Forestier, in our Stratos Collection, both debuted new lighting during Maison & Objet in Paris. We were thrilled to see the new fixtures being unveiled and we look forward to including them in our collections soon. Within this massive fair—eight halls, each the size of a decent-sized neighborhood—these collaborators have established themselves as standouts in lighting. I bumped into Philippe Brocart, the managing director of SAFI, the organization that produces the show, and he said the attendance was excellent for a January show.


Ay Illuminate at Maison & Objet

Ay Illuminate at Maison and Objet fair

Ay Lin and Casper Heinen of Ay Illuminate seconded his enthusiasm, telling me they had had the best first day ever since they began showing at Maison & Objet. Their new Hacienda Collection that includes the Buri family of fixtures was glowing in a corner of their stand, which always feels like a textural wonderland given the fact that so many of their fixtures are made of woven materials.

I asked them if they saw any particular fixtures trending in popularity in their booth this year and Casper noted the Z series continues to wow the crowds. As we were sitting in the booth talking, a number of people simply had to touch the cloth and paper sheaths tied onto their bamboo frames—it’s a draw we’ve witnessed ourselves during trade shows in the past! Ay Lin, who designs the fixtures with Nelson Sepulveda and artisans around the world, enjoys seeing how their fixtures elicit this response.


Forestier at Maison & Objet

Forestier at Maison and Objet fair

Forestier’s stand was another popular destination for design sophisticates, the new fixtures debuting showing the manufacturer’s range. Added to our favorites, such as the Opium and Tibet fixtures, and the Mesh series by Arik Levy are new designs in a variety of woven materials; the Papillon Small and Large pendants, designed by Élise Fouin, floated as beautifully as a butterfly spreading its wings in their booth. The graceful fixture is one of the newest offerings in our Stratos Collection.

I always come away from design fairs feeling inspired and uplifted, and this trip to Maison & Objet was no exception. I also had the pleasure of attending Heimtextil, the world’s largest trade show devoted to textiles, in Frankfurt during my trip to Europe. I will be sharing what I learned about trends in home décor—identified by their savvy Trend Table team—in my next post so stop back by. It was a fascinating look at how the world’s top forecasting entities think about the future of home design.

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