April 19, 2013

Euroluce: We Went, We Were Seen, We Rocked!


There was a time when braggadocio was considered impolite (imagine how happy I am we are allowed to swagger ever-so-slightly in social media!). At the risk of bordering on boastful, I must say I felt a special sense of pride in our collaborators showing at Euroluce, the sister fair to the premier European design fair Salone Internazionale del Mobile. Not only did they shine amongst the wonderful presentations and highly relevant products in the worlds of design and technology in Italy: they radiated!

Secto Design’s booth at Euroluce, distributed by Global Lighting in North America.

Secto Design’s booth was a popular one.

Secto Design drew a great deal of attention for their new pendant fixture elegantly fashioned from Finnish birch. “We saw both old and new customers, and had good chats with people from all over the world—it was a really positive vibe in general!” remarks Secto’s Emma Frenzel. “The number of visitors to our stand took us a bit by surprise; if we had taken one euro from everyone who took a photo of our stand we would be millionaires now!”

The B.lux booth at Euroluce, distributed by Global Lighting in North America.

The B.lux AMS outdoor fixture, coming soon to Global Lighting, was front-and-center in Milan!

Grupo B.lux debuted several new designs at the Salone del Mobile, two of which, the AMS landscape light and LAP bench, we’ll be debuting in North America soon. Their phenomenal Tree series, which Interiors From Spain gave a nod recently, and the new Hoodie were also on view. Harriet Ibarretxe, who heads up global sales for the company, came away from Euroluce extremely excited about the response to their products, especially the strength of their designer roster, which includes David Abad, Moneo and Block, Ramón Fernández Alonso and Werner Aisslinger.

The B.lux booth at Euroluce, distributed by Global Lighting in North America.

Harriet Ibarretxe and Werner Aisslinger in the Grupo B.lux booth at Euroluce in Milan.

“Since our strategy has changed regarding our products and distribution during the second half of the last decade, we are seeing remarkable results in the marketplace, from Australia and India to the EAU and the United States,” Ibarretxe remarks. “Milan has just been the beginning; we are sensing an explosion to come in exports and we couldn’t be more excited! We hope to see many of our American fans at the HD show in Las Vegas.” There’s a wonderful B.lux photo album from the show on their Facebook page if you want to see their fabulous booth.

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