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Sven Ivar Dysthe

Sven Ivar Dysthe

Oslo, Norway


Sven Ivar Dysthe, born in Oslo, Norway, has the type of track record that makes household names out of furniture designers. Among the Norwegian’s products are the armchair 1001, which debuted in 1960, and the chair Laminette, which hit the market in 1964 and has been reproduced nearly a million times.

His products are so versatile, they are valued by collectors of contemporary furniture and vintage fans who comb 1stdibs for rare finds alike. One reason for this rare stylistic reach is likely that he spent his entire career as a young designer basking in the glow of the Scandinavian Design Movement. He was awarded Norsk Form's Jakob Award in 1986.

He describes himself as someone who has always been open to experimentation; someone unafraid to try new materials and find new technical solutions. He was early in the game of using plastic as a material during the sixties. Rather than being influenced by short-term trends, he focuses on simple, user-oriented solutions; relying on his own attitudes towards the design profession rather than anyone else’s.

“When aesthetics, function and shape meld together and become a whole, you think ‘Aha, of course!’” he says of his point of view. “Just as good food must melt on your tongue; good design must whet the appetite. So simple, yet so challenging.” Imagine how excited we are to include the industrial designer’s Butterfly Wall fixture, designed for Northern Lighting!

Products by Sven Ivar Dysthe