Seppo Koho shows his affinity for architectonic clarity with his designs for Helsinki-based manufacturer Secto Design. The clean lines of the birch slats composing each of his pendants, table lamps or floor lamps delightfully beckon one to come closer because he always carefully considers how light emanating from a fixture “feels.” Born in 1967, Koho studied at the University of Industrial Arts in Helsinki and at the Tampere University of Technology.

Fans of Scandinavian design will understand the architect’s language and his desire to create timelessly modern products from Finland’s beloved birch wood. The mottled bark of the tree in its natural setting masks the simplicity Koho teases from its grain—the earthy appeal of its pale trunks are dressed in vivid green during the spring and summer, then flame to vibrant yellow in the fall, and shed all color to meld with the icy landscape of crisp white and effusive blue during the winter months.

You don’t need to know this to appreciate the beauty of these fixtures, though the elemental evolution is there each time you illuminate one thanks to Koho’s sensibilities as a designer.