After completing her studies in the early 2000s, Sabina Grubbeson went directly into product design with a Swedish lighting company. Before long, she founded her own studio. Given lighting was the facet of the industry in which she got her start, it was natural for her to design fixtures for various companies from the beginning. Her outstanding products have been designed for companies like Pholc, LampGustaf and Konsthantverk. Today, Sabina has expanded into furniture and textiles—the series Abisko for Mavis Möbler a design that has gleaned her a great deal of attention in the media. The studio she founded in 2010, Grubbesondesign, is located in Varberg, Sweden. She credits the fact that she is close to production at the factories of Belid for her ability to understand how quality designs that ensure profitability are created.

Her knowledge of balance, shape and proportions has resulted in a number of successful products in various cooperative ventures, such as the Spinn Pendant and Blend Pendant for Pholc. Regardless of whether it is classic, timeless design or whether there is a greater focus on trend, she approaches each project knowing that the identities and values of her clients’ companies are what matter the most. “We love mixing proven functions with innovative solutions, and we like paying extra attention to the details,” she notes. “By carefully listening to what the customer’s circumstances and needs are, we can deftly identify the approach from the outset.” A hallmark of her firm is longevity, particularly understanding how a product’s life cycle can be extended with the right knowledge. She ensures this lasting quality with a careful analysis from the start, which enables her team to develop products that will stand the test of time.