Architect Per Sundstedt has designed many products for Zero Interior Lighting in his long affiliation with the Swedish manufacturer. Educated at the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, or Konstfack, in Stockholm, Sundstedt was awarded the Swedish magazine Sköna hem’s “Furniture of the Year” prize for his Ving stool in 2003, quite an honor. It is said of the clever Ving, which swivels and tilts, that it's rather like riding a rocking horse while seated. DesignBoom considered it in its international rocking chair competition. He has also created some of design’s most timeless fixtures, including the Candela for Kostalampan.

The Berzelii Park in Stockholm is one of the largest projects he has ever completed. Mod Objects design blog said of Sundstedt that he grew tired of working with sheet metal and wanted to start designing glass lampshades. "The time was right, and Zero Interior’s product range is now dominated by various glass lampshades, many designed by Per Sundstedt, with contributions from other exciting Scandinavian designers such as Thomas Bernstrand, Mattias Ståhlbom, Fredrik Mattson, the Front design group and Mia Gammelgaard." Sundstedt designed Zero Interior's Allright and the Viva Solo, two of the most popular fixtures in the Global Lighting ECCO Collection, a carefully curated array of lighting for architects.

The If It's Hip, It's Here site declared Zero Interior lit up Euroluce with Sundstedt's products on hand, and the array of fixtures he's designed for the company makes it clear why they value him as one of their top designers.