How does one cut a swath to award winning design notoriety right off the bat? Mads Sætter-Lassen, a card-carrying member of a new generation of Danish designers, knows. The graduate of the prestigious School of Design at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Sætter-Lassen also studied at Rhode Island School of Design and the Pratt Institute in New York. This range of studies within different fields of design gave him a uniquely cross-disciplinary approach that allows him to fuse elements of interior design with principles of cabinet-making, metalware and ergonomics through his work at Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen.

An advocate of democratic design, the Copenhagen-based designer focuses on simplicity and functionality, preferring to showcase the beauty and integrity of materials rather than embellish products unnecessarily.

Buddy, a new addition to Global Lighting’s Stratos collection, is a striking reflection of this approach, and his first product for Northern. Just because he normally steers clear of embellishments, though, he asserts that he is not afraid of decoration as long as it compliments the functionality.

The product, furniture and interior designer has won numerous awards, including nods from the Stockholm Furniture Fair; Defining Scandinavia, Copenhagen; the Salon at St. Pauls Apotek; and Don't run out, Paris. He has also received a NOW! award from Ventura Lambrate in Milano; an FSC top-10 award from DAC in Copenhagen; a Wegner 100 år from Kunstmuseet i Tønder; and the Northern Student Design Award in 2015.With this dynamic new breed of design talent coming upon the scene, the future is looking brighter by the nanosecond!